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Cornwall for Gardeners hopes to become the main resource for those looking to discover more about gardens and gardening in Cornwall.

For residents and visitors
We aim to celebrate the special nature of gardening in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and to contribute towards promoting gardening related activities in the region – whether you live locally or are just visiting our area.

Our Cornish mission
As many of us live in an increasingly online world, distracted by digital screens, shouty opinions and scary global politics, lots of people – across the nation – turn to a patch of ground (garden, allotment, window box) to reconnect with something more fulfilling. To their environment and themselves.

Despite this, gardening, or cultivation of the land in any form, just isn’t part of most people’s everyday lives, as it would have been decades ago. Even in Cornwall, where we are blessed with so many open public spaces and gardening opportunities are plentiful. Our cathedral city of Truro is hardly an urban jungle. However, most people rarely get soil under their fingernails, tend to plants and care for their growth.

We hope to draw attention to all the brilliant things about cultivating plants in Cornwall. In doing so we hope we will contribute towards encouraging people – whatever their age – to grow their own food, trees or beautiful flowers. And inspire people to visit our County and take a piece of Cornwall home with them, whether that be in the form of a plant or three, or just renewed enthusiasm and ideas.

We’re on a mission to try and promote existing opportunities where they do arise within our county and, in time, might collaborate with others who’d like to get new initiatives off the ground.

If you’re a seasoned, or totally new, gardener and just want a good way of keeping track of local events, garden open days or supplier offers then maybe we can become your favourite bookmark. Please send us your suggestions for things to highlight about gardening in Cornwall.

Locally relevant advice for new and experienced gardeners.
For new gardeners, don’t necessarily look to us for the answer on when best to divide your perennials or how to build your own coldframe. There’s lots of other help on the internet and bookshelves, if you have general or in-depth gardening questions. But we will research and focus on Cornish-specific gardening topics, which will hopefully feel relevant to you if you live in the county or are down here on holiday. As a relatively new gardener, Celia, the website manager, is going to be sharing her own personal learning experiences via her own area of the blog.

For those who are already hooked on growing things, we plan to keep you posted about new and exciting places you can visit, or local events you can support and learn from. If you are more of an expert, and would like to contribute to general features on Cornish gardening, please do drop us a line.

How to get involved
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Give us any feedback or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.

If you are a public gardening destination or supplier to gardeners in any form, then please consider supporting this site and promoting your venue or products via our pages. More details on how you can advertise can be found here or by contacting us.

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celia fraser cornwallforgardeners