How do I get into Horticulture if I live in Cornwall?

2018-03-17T10:30:05+00:00 March 13th, 2018|Blog|

Horticultural Careers - how to start one off if you live in Cornwall What help is out there if you decide you’d like to start a career in horticulture? If you live in Cornwall, the rest of the country and openings ‘up the line’ can seem rather remote, but there are in fact great opportunities [...]

Cornwall for Gardeners Website Launch

2018-03-02T18:24:00+00:00 March 2nd, 2018|Blog|

Website Launch - March 2018. This month we launch what we hope will become a valuable resource for gardeners who live in, or are visiting, Cornwall. cornwallforgardeners.co.uk is not perfect yet but we'll be waiting forever if that's the criteria. Just like a garden, this website is a work in progress and it'll probably grow [...]

We Love the Spring in Cornwall

2018-03-02T21:58:22+00:00 March 1st, 2018|Blog, Cornwall Plants|

The Met Office treats today - March 1st - as the start of Spring.  Yes, we know the spring equinox isn't til the 20th (the astronomical stance) but we're keen to get on with saying goodbye to winter and welcoming all that Cornwall has to offer in the coming weeks. As we're usually the first [...]

Plants that Cornwall is famous for

2018-03-02T21:57:26+00:00 January 30th, 2018|Blog, Cornwall Plants|

Daffodils, magnolias, camellias, rhododendrons, palms, agapanthus, tree ferns... to name but a few of the plants which Cornwall is famous for and which people now associate with its gardens. How many other counties in the UK so easily bring to mind particular plants? But of course, when people think of typically Cornish gardens - especially [...]

Colourful plants for a windswept Cornish coastal garden

2018-03-02T21:56:53+00:00 October 20th, 2017|Blog, Cornwall Plants|

If you live on the exposed north coast of Cornwall, you might envy the growing conditions of those in more sheltered areas of the county. But it doesn't mean you need to live without beautiful plants and colourful flowers outside your home. If you frequently suffer from the blasts of Atlantic winds you might [...]